On behalf of the staff and students of the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, Yaba College of Technology, I welcome you all to our unique Department. Nutrition and Dietetics started as a programme under Food Technology in 2015/2016 academic session with four core lecturers and several service lecturers. A year after, under the rector ship of Engineer Omokungbe Obafemi, the Department was granted autonomy and exclusive mandate to run full-time National Diploma courses in Nutrition and Dietetics, relevant to industrial needs of the country.

The Department of Nutrition and Dietetics is a unique Department for teaching, learning and technological advancement whose emphasis have been and still is on regular staff development and cross-fertilization of ideas between the academic staff in the Department and the professionals in the industries. Its human resources are indeed superb as it boasts of well qualified and experienced lecturers.

The general objective of the Department is to produce graduates in Nutrition and Dietetics who are nationally and internationally relevant” In order to achieve the stated objective, the Department is involved in teaching, carrying out research and provision of health services to the College community. The programme is broadened by courses in Statistics, Agriculture, Sociology, Management, General studies and other nutritional courses. Students gain broad-based experience ranging from advising people on how to improve on their health in order to prevent illness and diseases to undertaking nutritional assessments of patients with wide range of complex medical conditions.

Our students are equally super- empowered to make a positive impact in the technological and socio-economic development of the nation. The Department took off with seventy seven (77) pioneer students for National Diploma (ND 1) out of which thirty two (32) made distinction. The Department has however expanded and presently has over 140 students both in ND 1 and ND 11. Consequently, they are highly sought after in the industries and workplaces arising from well delivered curriculum, developed to include all the core courses which are basic to the Nutrition and Dietetics profession as well as all those courses which are relevant to the practice of Nutrition and Dietetics in a developing country like Nigeria.

The Department has internet facilities to assist users to access the internet for their academic searches. This is in addition to well-equipped laboratories to complement the running of the Programme. It also has well qualified and trained administrative personnel who equally provide prompt needed services to the students. The Department no doubt is young, but is striving in all its activities to ensure it fulfills its objectives. I therefore heartily welcome you to the Department website and portal. You are really what you eat!!! MOJEKWU, C. C. (MRS)